Fuel for OpenStack

Deployment and Management Automation for your Private Cloud

What is Fuel?

Automate your Deployment and Management

Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack. Developed as an OpenStack community effort, it provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for deployment and management of OpenStack, related community projects and plug-ins.

Fuel brings consumer-grade simplicity to streamline and accelerate the otherwise time-consuming, often complex, and error-prone process of deploying, testing and maintaining various configuration flavors of OpenStack at scale. Unlike other platform-specific deployment or management utilities, Fuel is an upstream OpenStack project that focuses on automating the deployment and testing of OpenStack and a range of third-party options, so it’s not compromised by hard bundling or vendor lock-in.

Community ISOs

Latest Nightly Build


10 Jul 2017 12:36 UTC

Latest Stable Release


9 Mar 2017

Command Line Interface

Control da Cloud Like a Boss

Fuel CLI tool is a powerful tool that allows you to:

  • Operate with environments using the text console only
  • Modify directly the internal data that you can't modify via the web UI
  • Avoid data verifications done by the web UI logic

Fuel CLI has the following usage pattern:

fuel [global optional args]  [action] 


fuel --env-id=1 node set --node-id=1,4,5 --role=compute

where --env-id=1 is a global optional argument pointing to the specific environment, node - is a namespace for all node control functions, set is an action that assigns specific nodes to some environments in certain roles.

Read a Short Manual

Fuel Documentation

Fuel product and developer documentation

The following Fuel documentation is published on the OpenStack documentation page:

  • Fuel Installation Guide
  • Fuel User Guide
  • Fuel Release Notes
  • Fuel Developer Documentation
Go to docs.openstack.org

Additional Fuel documentation

Additional Fuel documentation is available on the Mirantis web-site and includes:

  • Solution Guides
  • Fuel Reference Architecture
  • Operations Guide
Go to docs.mirantis.com

Fuel Live Demo

Play with FUEL in a demo environment

Test FUEL Now!

This deployment emulates the provisioning process, providing you with an opportunity to get an insight into the web UI without installing anything on your hardware.

Each version of the installer undergoes hardware compatibility validation. Fuel is battle-tested on platforms like Cisco UCS, Dell PowerEdge, HP Proliant, Lenovo ThinkServer, QCT QuantaPlex, Supermicro SuperServer, and others. For the detailed information on models and their hardware modifications, refer to the Hardware Compatibility List.

The key features are

  • hardware discovery
  • hardware configuration in UI (networks & disk partitioning)
  • ability to spin up and manage multiple OpenStack environments
  • HA OpenStack deployment configurations
  • pre-deployment checks and network validation
  • post-deployment validation checks
  • real-time logs viewing through the web UI
  • support for CentOS and Ubuntu (can be extended to support other distributions)
  • support for multiple OpenStack distributions